Facilities of Andaz Singapore as One of the Best Singapore Hotels to Stay

Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore is proud to be one of the most lucrative among many five-star Singapore Hotels. With elegant rooms and outstanding services, this hotel is worth every guest's savings account. Anyway, there are lots of things to explore besides its elegantly furnished rooms and suites. Its location is in a strategic spot. It boasts exceptional facilities that others will envy. Curious enough to take a look?

Andaz Singapore and Its Welcoming Sunroom

Andaz Singapore pampers guests, mostly from four-seasoned countries. It has adorably constructed rooms. It is open all day long, though the sunlight will enter through the floor-to-ceiling windows around 7.30 to 10.AM. Instead of a conventional club lounge, the Sunroom here delivers the warm ambiance of the tropical city.

The good thing about The Sunroom is its no requirement for advanced booking. Any guest can just come and enjoy some snacks and drinks. The real charm of The Sunroom is the natural light, as well as the rustic, Peranakan decoration with the existence of hanging ferns and timber. Reading or working is perfect here while guests can enjoy great drinks like lemonade, still water, coffee, sparkling water, Andaz ice tea.

Catch-the Sunset-Swimming Pool

As the hotel lies on the 25th floor, it is easy to imagine the views from the outdoor swimming pool. Guests who swim in the morning and afternoon can witness the Singapore skyline. While others who want to swim after 5 PM can witness the sunset.

Nothing is more amazing than that. This infinity pool is also very serene with time limitations for guests to enjoy. It is to ensure that guests can enjoy tranquil surroundings while relaxing here.

The pool has a 1.2-meter-depth. It might not be for Olympic swimmers, but the shape allows anyone to swim laps. There are twelve lounge chairs around the swimming pool. Ordering foods is as easy as scanning a QR code menu that guests can find on every table. Once they order, waiters will deliver food and drinks on the poolside with fast service.

Sophisticated, High-Technology Gym Room

The gym room at Andaz Singapore is considered among the more spacious than others at common Singapore hotels with five stars. Located on the 38th floor, all pieces of equipment are sophisticated, operated with high technology machines. Types of equipment are available for strength training and aerobic.

It is amazing to find out some pairs of headphones that guests can use. They can plug in the headphones to the entertainment system that is available in some gym equipment. It could be that those headphones are for single-use purposes.

It is not surprising that there is very few staff that will greet guests at some facilities at Andaz Singapore, because of the computerized systems all around. But, there is no need to worry about the cleanliness and comfort because every area in this hotel is very clean and highly sanitized. It is one of the most recommended Singapore Hotels that is more than just worthy for a business trip or staycation.

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