Kids Facilities at Shangri La Hotel

Kids Facilities at Shangri La Hotel
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Shangri La Hotel is not only a luxury hotel. It is the perfect hotel ever. This hotel provides various kinds of kid facilities. No doubt at all when people recommend Shangri La as the best hotel for Singapore Staycation. This hotel claims itself as the only hotel which has dedicated programs in a range of luxury family experience with young kids.

They organized the kids’ programs very well. There are many fun things to do at Shangri La hotel which are specially designed for kiddos. Before we go to the details of each program, let’s take a look at the family-friendly activities from this hotel.

  1. Interactive Play Space
    It is located on the first floor of the hotel in the Tower Wing. This space is a non-stop fun yet enriching activity for the kids. The best part of it is the connecting tunnel between two bedrooms in the themed-family suite. The kids must love it!

  2. Splash, A Water Playground
    From its name, you can guess what kind of playground it is. Yes, it is watery. LOL. There is water spray, slides, and many more. You know that kids love water, don’t you?

  3. Kid’s Meal Programme by A Nutritionist
    This program is insane. Again, I mean insane in a good way. We have to pay dearly for the child's healthy meal program, but we can have it here when we stay at the Shangri La hotel. What lucky parents we are!

These three facilities are beyond our expectations. I mean in positive ways of course. The Shangri La hotel is very well-prepared with lots of facilities and programs where other hotels would never imagine. I’d like to appreciate their efforts of bringing a high-class hotel ever. Clap-clap!

Now, let’s move to the specific kid’s programs that have been prepared by the hotel.

  1. The Fish Feeding
    The kids can join this fish feeding program by registering themselves upon arrival. So, the parents need to check what programs are available during your staycation. This fish feeding program is a daily program which is conducted by the hotel management. It is every 9.30 am and 5.30 pm at the Koi Ponds outside the waterfall Ristorante.

  2. Treasure Hunt
    Just like the fish feeding program, pre-registration is done upon arrival. Kindly register your kids at Buds ahead of time. This program is available all day.

  3. Bake for Fun at Buds
    For the Bake for Fun program, we also have to register the kids ahead of time. But, please take note of the time because it doesn’t run all day long. This Bake for Fun program is available at 10 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm with limited slots. Don’t miss it!

I love the idea of having the kid’s programs like this. The Shangri La Hotel gives us nowhere to go but enjoying their facilities which means super great. Our staycation in Shangri La hotel is worth the money. I love that. You need to check and experience it by yourself.

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